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We offer a fully functional product trial for a period of 14 days enabling you to try eZee iMenu in live environment. Download today and digitize your menu.

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Fully customizable digital menu options

Tweak the look and feel of eZee iMenu by customizing options to evoke the brand of your restaurant. Introduce new items for your restaurant and adapt latest trend in the industry without worrying about extra costs.

Customers get exactly what they order

eZee iMenu offers the latest tablet technology to restaurants and with it improve the overall dining experience. With vivid presentation of food items, diners can choose the item and modify according to their own taste with Item Modifier option and getting exactly what they want.

No Internet No Problem

eZee iMenu can be used in a offline mode without having to worry about internet connectivity issues, your restaurant operations will keep going smoothly and everything will get updated once the internet is restored.

POS Integration

The trial version is integrated with eZee BurrP! and can be integrated with POS of your restaurant or any other without any hassles.

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