Not only your staff will love eZee iMenu so will your customers

Increase Revenue

Increase your average bill value by up selling items, specials, etc. by promoting them with pictures and up-to-date information.

Faster Service

Automated process allows your staff to attend and service your guests more efficiently increasing the rotation of customers per table and less waiting time for the customers.

Promote Specials

Promote specials with vivid pictures and new menu items allowing your customers to know the latest offerings from your restaurant.

Adapt New Trends

Restaurant can change the menu items and overall restaurant style according to the new emerging trends among regulars and attract new customers without extra costs.

Customer Experience

Offer your customers menu with vivid pictures, food descriptions, etc. giving them a fresh and unique interactive experience.

In addition, eZee iMenu offers tones of other benefits for restaurant and the customers.

Why Restaurant staff will love eZee iMenu

  • eZee iMenu is easy to adapt to any kind of restaurant type
  • Integration with eZee BurrP! and eZee Foodie
  • eZee iMenu will enable more details of the menu items without increasing the menu size and gives basically unlimited amount of items which can be added
  • Order placing is simpler and kitchen gets instant notification and creates no confusion as the clarity in orders
  • The entire process from order until the payment becomes faster
  • Restaurants can change the menu anytime without any costs
  • Analysis for management and change menu items accordingly with demands and customers liking
  • Promote specials and delicacies with style

Why Customers will love eZee iMenu

  • Easy to use attractive menu
  • Attractive and interactive menu will make everything far more appealing
  • Leave instant feedback for the management
  • Customize their own food order
  • Promote specials & new menu items
  • Learn details about the menu items
  • All the basic questions a customer wonders are right at their fingertips

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